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Zhaoxun Media was awarded the most marketing value communication platform
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On June 25, the 2019 Advertisers and Businessmen's League Summit and the ADMEN International Awards Awards Ceremony were held in Beijing. The conference announced the results of the highly anticipated ADMEN International Awards. Zhaoxun Media was awarded the 2019 Most Marketing Value Communication Platform, and At the meeting, he was re-elected as the governing unit of the Advertisers and Business League.

The ADMEN International Awards is based on the current development of the global economy and the media industry, with international communication concepts as the selection criteria, and is selected through comprehensive evaluation of the evaluation dimensions of the subject's industry influence, professional competitiveness, and customer service. The most valuable advertising communication platform. The ADMEN International Award truly reflects the current industry standards in the field of advertising media, and also provides an international communication platform for Chinese media organizations.

Industry influence

As the first share of high-speed rail digital media, Zhaoxun Media has been recognized by many authoritative organizations and organizations in the industry for its good brand image and stable and progressive business development trend established in the industry for many years. After becoming a member of the China Advertising Association, Zhaoxun Media was also awarded the highest qualification of an advertising company in China by the China Advertising Association-a first-class advertising company.

In addition, Zhaoxun Media has also participated in many domestic and international events as a representative of the high-speed rail media, and has been recognized by awards at events such as the Macau International Advertising Festival, the IAI International Creative Festival, and the China International Advertising Festival.

Professional competitiveness

Since its establishment in 2007, Zhaoxun Media has been deeply rooted in China's railway network. After more than ten years of layout planning, it now has thousands of media locations in nearly 400 railway stations across the country, covering more than 200 cities across the country. In the competitive outdoor market, Zhaoxun's strength cannot be underestimated due to its strong resource advantages.

At the same time, Zhaoxun has continuously adjusted its resource layout for many years, and through its continuous iteration of the site, it has brought its own media advantages to a new level. In 18 years, Zhaoxun added nearly 30 new sites, all of which have been gradually updated to 84-86-inch high-definition high-brightness screens.

While updating and upgrading media equipment, Zhaoxun is always paying close attention to the profound impact of the Internet era on product marketing. The high-speed rail scene marketing has been further developed. The cases of customers such as Ctrip and the TV series "Dajiang Dahe" have combined scene marketing with the fan economy. The combination has been well received by advertisers and product audiences. In the cooperation with Wahaha, the application of dynamic screen brushing technology has made Zhaoxun recognized by many awards in the industry, and also allowed more people to see Zhaoxun's exploration and possibility in brand communication.

Customer service

Zhaoxun currently has a professional railway media marketing operation team, covering all over the country. Headquartered in Beijing, it has set up 13 elite marketing teams in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and other places, and has more than 100 professional operating personnel across the country. Hundreds of industry elites, adhering to the tenet of innovation, efficiency and supervision, rely on their professional railway media operation experience to provide customers with efficient and comprehensive advertising communication services.

Over the years, Zhaoxun Media has persisted in delivering high-quality information, and is well received by customers. At the same time, it has won the trust of many brand customers such as FAW Group, Ctrip, Wahaha, and Arctic Ocean, and has maintained long-term cooperative relationships.

With China surpassing Japan to become the world ’s second largest advertising market, China ’s advertising media sector is growing at an unprecedented pace, which will also motivate us who are in it to interpret marketing from an unprecedented level of industry, and hope to be able to In the future, we will provide customers with better brand communication services at the international level.

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