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Zhaoxun Media and Wahaha won the Gold Marketing Award to explore multi-brand marketing high-speed rail communication strategy
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On August 23, the 2019 Corey International Innovation Festival award ceremony was grandly held in Beijing. The case of "Classic, Classic, Naturally Born-Wahaha Eight Porridge Spring Festival Marketing", jointly selected by Zhaoxun Media and Wahaha, won the gold award in marketing innovation.

The Core International Innovation Award is a compass and a weathervane on the innovation development path of the entire industry. It is selected by more than 100 professional experts, media judges and other professional judges. It focuses on the source of power that can guide the direction of the industry's innovation development and stimulate the industry's innovation and development Marketing case. Therefore, being able to reap this award is not only a tribute to Wahaha's marketing strategy, but also an affirmation of the communication value of Zhaoxun Media.

Wahaha has always been the myth of national brand marketing. The flagship company led by its founder Zong Qinghou has repeatedly interpreted classics in marketing history. The slogan "I am the only one in your eyes" has led an era, and has also made us recognize the handsome talent of Wang Lihong. For a company like Wahaha with many brands and multiple SKUs, brand marketing strategies are particularly important. For different audiences, creating a variety of marketing methods is not only a test of corporate strength. It is also very important to choose a highly matching communication platform. important.

Jingzhong Media-the only way for high-speed rail communication for multi-brand strategic companies

Wahaha is a flagship fast-moving consumer goods company. The focus of communication is on the words "quick, change, and wide." Different products are targeted at different audiences, which is in line with the elite attributes of high-speed rail media in the field of Zhaoxun Media.

在中短途出行选择中,高铁95%取代飞机,改变了受众的出行习惯,成为旅客的出行首选。 Public: In the short- and medium-distance travel options, 95% of high-speed rail replaces aircraft, changing the audience's travel habits and becoming the first choice for travelers. Zhaoxun Media covers 300 cities across the country, with nearly 8,000 media equipment in the country. It effectively intercepts target audiences in an unavoidable form of media, achieves brand image domination, and affects nearly 2 billion travellers throughout the year, providing a broad range of brand communications. Propagate the basic sound volume.

全年无休的高铁在不同时段都有针对性人群,春运的回家大军、暑运的前后期的大学生群体、暑运中的中、幼龄儿童家庭团队,以及平日繁忙的商务出行人群…… Fine: The high-speed rail is open at all times throughout the year. It is targeted at different times during the Spring Festival, a group of students going home during the Spring Festival, a group of college students in the early and late summer, a family team of middle and young children during the summer, and busy business travel on weekdays. crowd……

的媒体资源布局一二线经济发达城市,精细规划候车厅的矩阵媒体区域,聚焦高品质客流;同时,深耕三四线渠道,利于产品下沉,支持经销商销售。 In addition to the characteristics of the audience, Zhaoxun Media also took into account the needs of brand launch when building a media resource coverage network. It deployed 42.5% of media resources in first- and second-tier economically developed cities, carefully planned the matrix media area of the waiting hall, and focused on high-quality passenger flow. At the same time, deep cultivation of the third and fourth tier channels will help the product sink and support dealer sales.

Cooperate with the customer's communication needs, coordinate with the promotion of different products at different times in different regions, and form the most penetrated media layout. Directly target consumers, achieve national branding, regional differentiation advantages, and meet customer multi-level communication. demand.

New high-speed rail is younger-a big platform for communication in the new era

In recent years, Wahaha has also been trying more trendy marketing methods, from the fusion of AD calcium milk flavor mooncakes to the cross-border exploration of limited edition nutrition express and custom beauty boxes, let us see this has been with generations New vitality of growing national brands. Therefore, Wahaha is more inclined to younger groups in terms of communication, which is also a level of high-speed rail media.

According to CTR research, the overall trend of high-speed rail audiences is gradually showing younger, higher education, and higher income characteristics, so more marketing cases focusing on young audiences appear on the high-speed rail media communication platform. Especially with the rapid development of the high-speed rail layout and the attack of the pan-entertainment industry, celebrity Aidou has also chosen high-speed rail to travel, and the marketing value brought by the fan economy cannot be ignored.

Under such an opportunity, cross-border marketing such as Wahaha's younger marketing cases and the implantation of popular movie and TV dramas quietly appeared on the media platform of Zhaoxun Media, causing a wave of screams for high-speed rail travel fans.

In addition to Wahaha and Zhaoxun Media's annual strategic cooperation, FAW-Volkswagen, Haier and other large group brands in various fields have also selected Zhaoxun Media. 企业不可忽视的传播通路。 It can be seen that with the continuous advancement of China's railway construction, the "high-speed rail" economy has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities, and the high-speed rail media relying on it has also stood out from the traditional media and has become a brand new brand marketing front. Multi-brand, multi- SKU companies cannot ignore the communication channels. Zhaoxun Media will also continue to improve the brand's communication power and bring better and more powerful communication value to the enterprise.


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